There are things that I want people to know. Some things I know they have heard, and I want to help them understand. I want to show them things that I think are good; things I think are right; things I think are important. I want to tell them so that they can help me too, and then we can become stronger.

I don’t want to shout these things from the mountaintop. I want to work through them with people who need strength. I am writing for those who have something to protect.

Have you ever felt so fulfilled, so deeply at right with the world that your heart was full and you knew this was what living was for? Or maybe you’ve thought you had lost something, just for a moment, and the thought left you shaken, legs weak from the adrenaline hit. Maybe you’ve seen a movie where someone threatened something that mattered to the protagonist and it hit close to home. Maybe you thought to yourself, “If that happened to me, I would do absolutely anything to protect it.” Maybe it was your life’s work, the community you’ve grown, or your freedom. Maybe it was your soul’s mate, or maybe it was your child. If you’ve ever felt your fingers flush with the spirit to rend the heavens or wield the hellfire, you too have something to protect. What must we do to protect it?

I don’t know. And I intend to find out.

I am not yet strong enough. Maybe if I record my studies, you and I can become stronger together.

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